5 Social Distancing Date Ideas during COVID-19

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No one can deny COVID-19 affected our social lives enormously. Either you're getting to know someone or you're in a long-term relationship, dating is harder than before. But it doesn't mean you can't still do exciting things with your loved one. Here are 5 date ideas during a pandemic that you can do with your significant other:

1) Discover Your Local Farmer's Market and Cook Together

Since the best option for all of us to stay home, cooking together is the first option that we would recommend to you. Go around your neighborhood and discover your local farmer's markets. Make grocery shopping much more fun with your better half!

Maybe you can take online cooking classes together. Then you can put on your matching aprons and try them out at home! Cooking is a relaxing activity for sure, but it's even better with a little music! Visit  Couples Apparel Spotify channel for the best playlists that we prepared for you!

In addition, if you feel a little lazy for grocery shopping, visit FoodDock to discover your nearest local farmer's markets! Also, if you're craving chicken for dinner, here are 2 amazing recipes made with chicken for your date night!

2) Play the Tourist in Your Own City

There won't be a better time to rediscover your own town! Play the tourists for a few days as a couple, and go around the city that you live in. There are always amazing spots that you missed in the past!

3) Rent Your Dream Car and Go to Track

Maybe you want a bigger car, a faster car but we know that everybody has a dream car. Well, even though you can't buy it yet doesn't mean you can't drive it! Rent your dream car, go on track: feeling a little pace will be so exciting for sure!

4) Take Vacations to Isolated Areas

Imagine waking up in the morning in a forest or on the seaside...Can you imagine a more refreshing feeling than that? Go camping if you want or stay in a romantic cabin together. Leaving the noise, the crowd, and the stress...we assure you'll feel more alive!

5) Accomplish Your Personal Goals Together

Maybe you've both gained a little extra weight during the lockdown, maybe you need to stretch a little more...Then why don't you exercise together? Making your personal goals come true and doing it with the person that you feel complete are double satisfaction for sure!

Since spring is already here and the weather feels really nice, it's time to go out and exercise outdoors! To make it more fun, check out our couple matching products!

If you're feeling a little lost about what to wear on your creative date, here's our blog on the Matching Outfit Ideas for Spring 2021!



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