Is Food the Way to Your Heart?

  • by Isabel Miguel

Sometimes, they say the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach. If this applies to you and your significant other or BFF, we have the perfect apparel for you!

We just recently launched our newest set, the Foodie Collection! (Because who doesn't love food?) The designs for this collection are inspired by foods that go well together, and make the meal complete! It includes a lot of matching couple shirts and matching couple hoodies, like this pizza and slice one! This is a PERFECT opportunity for you to give a gift to the one who completes you. Also, if you want a way to show your BFF that you appreciate him or her, check out these matching BFF shirts.

We have tanks and shirts for the upcoming summer weather where we're located in sunny SoCal, but for you customers around the world going into the colder months, we have hoodies and sweatshirts too! In addition to apparel, we sell matching mugs and matching phone cases if you want to show off your love in a different way. 

You can wear this apparel anywhere, and anytime. Since the apparel is quite simple, it can be very versatile when choosing the right outfit. It can be matched with denim, khaki, skirts, shorts, whatever you want. We have a large color palette to choose from, so choose the color that would fit your wardrobe the best. Just make sure you don't stain it with real food!

Lastly, we love to feature our customers on our social media pages, so be sure to send us pictures with your significant other or BFF! Also, make sure you follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram (@couples_apparel). 


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