All Aboard the Friend Ship

  • by Karen Vazquez

The unlikely friendship between two young women who both carry different lifestyles and personalities. And despite all differences, these ladies show that they still have a great time together with lots of laughter and love.

The lady in red, Kelly, is a woman who loves tattoos and always has an abundant amount of energy to spare. While her good friend, Wicy, is a photographer who has a great love for random coffee adventures. They both bring out the good in one another and they met each other in their high school. They both had choir together and since then their friendship blossomed to a long standing relationship of trust and love.

Had a really fun time photographing these two as they both give out great energy that any stranger can smile at their antics and join in on their fun. Kelly is more energetic than Wicy but she brings out the laughter and smiles from Wicy with her silly antics during the their time together. You can really tell that these gals are best friends.

These girls were quite happy with their shirts and had fun being silly with them. Cheesy? Yes, but it's a fun way to show off their love and care for each other in these comfy shirts! ;) 

These ladies have shown me by their strong friendship that love comes in many different forms and can be unexpected from what one might expect. Diversity is beautiful and these two have greatly shown that today. I wish them the best on their ongoing friendship. Had a wonderful time with them and I'm sure I'll be seeing more of them soon.

Best of luck to you, Kelly and Wicy! Thanks again!



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