Disneyland Announced New Pricing & You May Want to Plan a Trip Soon!

  • by Couples Apparel

If you love Disneyland as much as we do, then you will be really excited about today's news! Disneyland is updating their pricing for the first time in 60 years - and it's actually not a hike in prices! Instead, Disneyland has announced that they will offer financial or other incentives to visit the park during off-peak season or weekdays. While they have not released the specifics yet, we're pretty excited about this news, and we wanted to pass it on! You can read more here: 


So now you may be thinking it's a great time to plan a trip... If so, we have some insider information for you that just might make your trip a little more memorable. Here is a link to some of the secret perks that Disneyland offers (but not everybody knows about):


Of course, we also want to point out that our shop offers great Disneyland-themed outfits for your whole family. We suggest our cozy hoodies or sweatshirts if you are planning to go off-peak season!

If you are traveling soon, we wish you safe travels and incredible memories!

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